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GSC Live Webcast Viewing Tickets


The GSR Live Webcast is today, and will be streaming live from the Akiba CO Gallery!

And because of that the “Hatsune Miku GT Project 10th Season Anniversary Exhibit” will close at 7:30pm today in order to prepare.  We’ll actually start setting up a before 7:30, so we apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your patience and understanding.

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If you’d like to watch our live webcast in person, you’ll need a ticket.  You can get one via the site below so please check it out.  The site is already live, but the cart won’t open until 8pm so please stand by.

But if you can’t attend in person, you can see enjoy the show via Niconico Douga or FRESH!

>> GSR Live Webcast Viewing Ticket

■  Date: (Tue) May 30, 2017, Doors at 7pm, Show from 8-9pm
■  Admission: Free
■  Place: Akiba CO Gallery (Akihabara)

Live webcast details are below.

■ Niconico Live Webcast

>> Good Smile Meeting ~Looking Back at Round 3: Autopolis~


>> Good Smile Meeting ~Looking Back at Round 3: Autopolis~

(Tue) May 30, 2017  8:00pm JST

Special Guests:  Team Owner Takanori Aki
                              Team Manager Ukyo Katayama
                              Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi
                              Driver Tatsuya Kataoka
                              Our Lovely 2017 Racing Miku Supporters
                              (Kelal Yamamura, Suzuna, Manae Miyakoshi)

MC:  Tomomi Takezawa


(Announcement) Hatsune Miku GT Project 10th Season Anniversary Exhibit!

■ Dates: until (Sat) June 3

■ Times:  Weekdays 5pm – 8pm; Weekends 11am – 7pm

■ Place: Akiba CO Gallery; Akiba CO Bldg. 1F, 3-16-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo

■ Entry: Free

On Display:

・A history of the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s 10 Seasons Racing

・Illustrations throughout the years

・Racing Miku Supporter Costumes throughout the years (2010~)

・Hoods from the cars raced over the years

・Racing suits and helmets from Driver Taniguchi, Driver Kataoka, Team Manager Ukyo, and Driver Kamui

・24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps endurance race area

・Merchandise sales

・Much more

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