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GSC 2018 Round 5 Fuji Speedway Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

It’s time to announce the winners of our Super GT Round 5 Fuji Speedway Photo Contest.  Our apologies for the delay.

This year, each contest will have two victors – the entry with the most votes will receive the SNS Award, and the entry selected by Team Owner Aki will receive the GSR Award.

We’ll start with the GSR Award winner.

And the GSR Award winner is…
“Pit Work” submitted by hoku.
Here’s a comment from hoku:
“You can see what kind of work they do in the pit, as well as the drivers trading out.  Kataoka passes the wheel to Taniguchi.  How many tires are they changing?  Or will they break out without changing any?  Seeing strategy in the pit work is one thing that makes the race interesting.”

20181129 gsr 1

Comment from Team Owner Aki:
“Pit work is especially important for long races – like this 500 mile one.  You can see their tension, knowing they can’t afford to make a mistake.”

This is hoku’s second time to be selected – the first was the Okayama Photo Contest.
Congratulations, hoku!  We’ll be giving you your second Pin Badge of Honor and bean-bag cushion.

Next up is the SNS Award winner, determined by your votes.
It goes to “I LOVE GSR!” by Suzuten.
Here’s the comment that accompanied the submission:
“Not only the lovely Racing Miku Supporters, but all the Personal Sponsors gathered in the stands on this fiercely hot day have the most wonderful smiles!  I love GSR – GSR can give us all such fun moments.”

What music to our ears!  Here’s the photo.

20181129 gsr 2

You really get the sense that we’re all in this together!
Seeing the Racing Miku Supporters smiling like that with everyone brings a smile to my face, too.
Suzuten, we’ll be giving you a Pin Badge of Honor!

And everyone who submitted an entry will be receiving a GSR Point Code in the inbox shortly.

There are still two ongoing photo contests, so be sure to submit your entries and cast your votes!

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