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Goodsmile Meeting & Answers to your Questions


Hey, everyone.

There was a typhoon yesterday, but as Akihabara was more or less unaffected our live webcast went on as originally scheduled.  Some areas are still experiencing the brunt of it, so don’t let your guard down.

Moving on, during our Goodsmile Meeting Vol. 7 live webcast we took a look back at the Suzuaka 10 Hours race.

For those of you unable to watch in in real time, you can check it out whenever you get the chance via the links below.


Niconico Live Webcast

20180905 gsr 1

We got together with the mechanic team as well yesterday, and after the live webcast had a little get together to celebrate their hard work.  We toasted with our friends who saw us to the end of the Suzuka 10 Hours – and next we want to have a celebration party with all of our Personal Sponsors who helped make it happen.

And there was one more big thing, too – Chief Engineer Kawano joined us.

20180905 gsr 2

We received all sorts of questions at the Suzuka 10 Hours race as well as Magical Mirai, and confirmed all the car related questions with Mr. Kawano.  Today we’ll have him answer a few of them.

Some of these questions and answers have some specialized terms for racing cards, so please bear with us if the content is a bit heavy or hard to follow.

Q1: Is the duct above the rear fender for cooling?  (For cooling the transmission?)

Kawano:  It’s for cooling the oil coolant for the transmission, as well as the paddle shift ECU and pump.

Q2: What’s the difference between a sprint race AMG and an endurance race AMG?

Kawano: An endurance car will have headlights, fog lamps, an interior panel lamp, drink, an oil gauge (with numerical display), a refueling port, and a few other things.

Q3:  Is the AMG frame that was on display at the previous Wonder Festival still around?
I’d like to know what number it has.  (I was able to find out that the Suzuka 10 Hours car was #20, and was wondering if it was a lower number.  I’d also like to know the number of this year’s car.)

Kawano:  Yeah, the frame is still around.
As for the car numbers, the broken frame is #11, this year’s is #162.

Q4: The Super GT AMG has two refueling ports – why does the Suzuka 10 Hours AMG only have 1?
Ventilation or something?

Kawano:  Basically, it’s not possible to refuel during a race unless you have two.  Those that have only one are for sprint racing, and the double type is for endurance racing.
GSR only had one endurance race refueling port, so for the Suzuka 10 Hours race, as we were going to race the #00, we transplanted one from the Super GT #0 car.
Then, for Magical Mirai and for Sugo next week, we moved it back to the Super GT #0 car.

Q5: What are the Enkei wheels made of?  Aluminum?  Magnesium?
What are the advantages of using Enkei wheels?

Kawano:  They’re made of aluminum.  Magnesium is banned, but they have the same size and weight as the original BBS.
As this regulation is exclusive to Japan, we were thinking of changing manufacturers (though it will have to be a Japanese one), the sizes are all the same and the weights have to be above a set value.
This is because all Super GT engineers only use parts that pass the measurement requirements.
The advantage is that we’re supporting Japanese manufacturing.
Also, they’re made with drivability in mind.
They’re used a lot even in the 500 class cars.

Q6: Compared to the headlights last year, did the 4 headlights this year make it easier to see (were they brighter)?

Kawano: Other than the Suzuka 10 Hours race, there are no other races in Japan where you drive in the dark, so it’s impossible to do a comparison.
However, it seems that ours were darker than other manufacturers at the Suzuka 10 Hours.

Q7: How much can you modify on a GT3 car?

Kawano: You’re basically not allowed to alter it.

Q8: Your view out the rear of the car is quite narrow, but would you be allowed to install one of those large room mirrors, like the ones sold by Autobacs?

Kawano: You can if you submit the proper forms to GTA, but we at GSR don’t use one.
You can also apply to use a rear view camera, but we don’t use one of those either.

There are many others, but we’ll take a look at one more as the whole team answered.

Q9: Why is the frame color different on the Suzuka 10 Hours AMG and Super GT AMG?
The Suzuka 10H one is white and this year’s GT one is black.  Was there some reason you did that?

The AMG GT3 exterior colors are white and black.
One car (the 2017 Suzper GT & 2018 Suzuka 10 Hours car) is white, and the other car (the 2018 Super GT car) is black.
The interior roll cage and floor coloring are also different for this reason.
By the way, though we selected a black car, some are saying that it makes the interior too dark and thus more difficult to handle, we’re considering only selecting white when given the option in the future.

We plan on answering more of the questions we receive from you in the future.
Thanks for your continued support!


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