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Goodsmile Meeting 2018 Vol. 1

Hey, everyone.

Thanks for tuning in to our Goodsmile Meeting Live Webcast last night.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, you can still watch it via the links below.

Click here for NicoNico.

Click here for YouTube Live.

Last night we covered everything the team had been working on since Wonder Festival, but Driver Taniguchi and Racing Miku Supporter Suzuna were absent.

Most of the show was Kataoka going over the tire test data and results, but as we’ve asked him to preside over our meetings this year, he’ll take the reigns of the live webcast as “MC T.K.” and generally be the main person talking – it’s a lot of work for him, but I’m quite looking forward to it.

Team Owner Aki talked a bit about the Official Tire Test at Fuji Speedway this weekend, which will also be the shakedown for our new car.  The car wrapping won’t be done in time, so we’ll have a one-time-only Fuji Special design this weekend you won’t want to miss.

And after overhauling last year’s champion car, it’ll be transformed into the Suzuka 10-H version.

There’s just a bit more time left until the Super GT season opening race, so we hope you’ll all put in extra effort to show your support.

As a special bonus after the live webcast, we made some announcements regarding our lovely Racing Miku Supporters, during which our new girl “Zukki-” (Wakana Kazuki) introduced herself and unveiled her special move.  You can still see how nervous she is, but she’s got a lot of willpower which is sure to make her an invaluable asset to the team.

We also announced in bonus session that we’re planning to have a GSR 2018 Season Exhibition from late May to mid June at the Akiba CO Gallery.  It’s bound to be a super fun space where you can come hang out and get super psyched together, so look forward to it.

That pretty much says it all about the live webcast, but Gran Turismo Sport arrived the other day.  We have it set up on a different floor from where the live webcast was held, but after the show was over we rushed over to give it a spin.

Some people have been requesting that we have more live webcasts for promotional purposes, so we also broadcast via Periscope, which is connected to our official Twitter account.

We’ll probably do our Okayama season opening race post-qualifying stream via Periscope as well.  Aki will be making an appearance at the Shanghai Wonder Festival, and thus unable to attend the qualifying day webcast, so it will be Swemy, Ukyo, and our lovely Racing Miku Supporters instead.

It’s snowing in Tokyo right now, so everyone be sure not to catch a cold and save your strength for the race ahead!

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