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Goods Offered by CocoLabo at Magical Mirai

Magical Mirai starts tomorrow.  Not only can you enjoy the concert, you can also have fun in the industry booth area.

Good Smile Company will of course have a booth there, where not one but two Goodsmile Racing cars will be on display!  We plan to have the Miku AMG virtually untouched since the race at Suzuka, so you can see for yourself the scars from her 1000km battle.

>> Magical Mirai 2017

Going back to Magical Mirai, CocoLabs will be releasing all kinds of new Racing Luka merchandise, so let’s check it out!  Please be sure to stop by if you’re near the GSR booth.

>> CocoLabo Racing Luca Merch

20170831 gsr 1

There will be lots of different Racing Miku themed merchandise as well!  Check the link below to learn more!

>> CocoLabo Racing Miku Merch

20170831 gsr 2




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