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Docomo’s “Photo Collection Plus” Service!


All of you carry around a smart phone, right?  And you all take photos with your smart phone, right?  As you’re well aware, I Swemy take photos with all kinds of smart phones.  Taking photos is fun and all, but after you post them to Twitter or SNS that’s it… Or they sit around taking up storage space.

Everyone at the circuit – including smart phone and SLR users – take lots of photos of the cars and the race queens.  And if they could, I bet they’d really enjoy putting the best of those photos into an album, sharing it with fellow hobbyists, giving it away as a present, or trading them.  Or what if you could give it to the team, or even one of the Race Queens – wouldn’t that be something.

But up until now there hasn’t be the technology to print an album, and I don’t really know how to put one together… I’m sure some of you out there feel the same way.  NTT Docomo is now providing a service just for us.

Photo Collection Plus (Link Here)

For just 280JPY a month, you can enjoy a photo book or 30 large sized prints every month (including the first month for free!).  If you’re a Docomo customer, you have a “d account.”  You’ll need to sign up for the service, but I think that those of you who go to photo shoots or races often could really get a lot out of it.

As Tsuttsu, Samurai, and I all take lots of photos both at the circuit and in our private lives, we used this service to make basic photo books from each of our own perspectives.  Check them out to see what you can do.

20171107 gsr 3

We’ll start with mine (Swemy here, in case you forgot)!  Tsuttsu and I made albums capturing various scenes from the race in Thailand.

20171107 gsr 4

20171107 gsr 5

I posted some of these on Twitter, but lots are never before seen.  Of note is one photo embarrassing (?) to Tsuttsu – which will be seen here for the first time! lol

Next up it Tsuttsu’s album.  She’s got a lot of self portraits!

20171107 gsr 6


20171107 gsr 7

As it was her first trip to Buriram, it’s filled with all kinds of happenings.  And the captions for the photos are excellent.

Finally, here’s Samurai’s photo album.  He was the only one of us to use an SLR camera, so of course his photos are the most beautiful.  His includes photos not only from GT races, but also from SPA.

20171107 gsr 8

20171107 gsr 9

He’s got some candid shots from SPA as well as some black and white photos – he’s created an album you’d expect to see from a designer.

Well, we made an album combining photos from all 3 of these albums into one.

And that album is

going to be handed out during the Final Race Pit Walk at Motegi!

There’s just one condition - you have to subscribe to Docomo Photo Collection Plus.

Just walk up to any staff you see wearing a red jumpsuit (the two guys shown below) and show them the subscription screen (this offer is for Docomo customers exclusively).

20171107 gsr 10

20171107 gsr 11

You can show them the screen they need to see by following the steps below!  After you’ve installed the application, go to Menu -> Settings -> Photo Collection Plus Subscribe/Unsubscribe.  And then show them the screen.  We anticipate that there will be lines, so please have the screen you need ready.

20171107 gsr 1220171107 gsr 13

We’ll be handing them out during the Pit Walk on both qualifiying and finals day, but supplies are limited.  If you want one, be sure to head to the GSR Pit area first!

If you’re curious as to what kind of photos there are inside, I’ve posted a few images below to give you a taste.  Samurai’s SLR photos definitely came out the best in the final print.  Smartphone photo quality will depend on the device.

20171107 gsr 14

20171107 gsr 15

20171107 gsr 16

20171107 gsr 17

There are 20 photos in all, so look forward to what’s left to come!

Lastly, let’s take a look at how to create an album.  You do it all from your smart phone, so let’s create one just for fun.

We actually had Tsuttsu make an album.  First, you need to install the application from Dokomo’s official Photo Collection Plus page.  After that, from the application menu, go to “Settings,” select “Subscribe” and then….

20171107 gsr 18

Selects the photos you want to use in the album (Application screen -> Menu -> “Photo Collection” Tab -> Select Photos to Print).  A standard photo book can have up to 21 photos.

20171107 gsr 19

20171107 gsr 20

Then input comments for each photo (up to 32 characters).

20171107 gsr 21

After you’re all finished, all you have to do is click the “checkout” button!  Your photo book will arrive at your house in about 10-14 days!  How simple is that!?

If it’s your first time to subscribe, you get a 31 day free trial (including 1 free photo book) – so why not create one on your way home from the Motegi race!

>> Sign up HERE

*After signing up, please be sure to download the Photo Collection application from the store.

NTT Docomo Photo Collection Plus


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