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Comparing the Hats-Off Course and Standard Hats


We started an all new Personal Sponsorship Course the other day!  See the link below to check it out!

>> Hats-Off! Course

So, what’s the difference between the hat already available at the GSR Shop and the hat included in the Personal Sponsorship Course?  Quite a few of you have asked us just that, so let’s do a side-by-side comparison.

20140620 1

The one on the left is the standard-issue, and the one on the right is the Personal Sponsor’s version.  The most obvious differences are the mesh back and the white line.

20140620 2

In this side view, the Personal Sponsors logo is what really sets them apart.

20140620 3

The Personal Sponsors version also has our entry number.  The standard version has only the cap manufacturer, Ride1′s logo.


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