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Champagne Fight at the End of Year Party


The champagne fight is a privilege reserved for those on the victory stand.

20131210 champaign 1

They all guzzle it down as if it were the best stuff on earth (but make no mistake, they’re all drinking a special non-alcoholic version).  For all of you who’ve been thinking yourselves, “If only once, I wish I could have a taste of that…” I’ve got some wonderful news!

All the champagne used at the Super GT is provided by “Sake Connection” (Official Site), and believe it or not…

Sake Connection will be bringing some of that very champagne for our 2013 End of Year Party!

That’s right, you’ll get a chance to have a taste of the special magnum-sized bottle of sparkling Japanese sake (limited to 500 bottles per year) used for champagne fighting on the Super GT victory stand!  You don’t have to be a race car driver, or even make it all the way to the podium to enjoy this sweet taste of victory!

Of course, our supplies will be limited, so be sure to get yours while it lasts!

In other aside, you won’t be able to drink right out of the bottle, or use it to spray other guests…  sorry – lol^^

20131210 champaign 2

Check out the link below for more info regarding the End of Year Party.   Please apply if you’re able to make it, but don’t forget we’ll also have a live broadcast at the party for everyone can’t.  It looks like we’re going to have a good turnout so get in while you have the chance!



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