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Car Number Addendum


Merry Chistmas!  How are you all spending the holidays?  I may have caught a cold, but I’m having the time of my life here at work! lol

It’s been 3 days now since our shocking announcement, but a lot of people have been asking, “Hey, what about that?”  So I think I’ll give you all an answer.

That’s right, I’m talking about our car number.

In accordance with GT regulation, car numbers belong to the entrants.  So at present, Studie holds full ownership (?).

At the press conference before the year end party, there were questions about our number, and

“We don’t know yet if our request has been granted yet, but it is under consideration.”

was the the response from Mr. Suzuki.  In other words, Studie has relinquished their claim on #4 and it’s up for grabs, but the number cannot be transferred to another team.  I think it will work out one way or anther, but there’s absolutely no guarantee that we’ll be able to race as #4.

In other words,

We really want to continue using #4, but it hasn’t been settled yet.

That’s the blunt of it.  So we’ll probably be announcing our car number at the Wonder Festival in February.  (If it we can work it out before then.)

So now you have one more thing to look forward to!  (Trying to be positive! lol)



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