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Auto Salon Starts Tomorrow!


Something of a  New Year’s Party for the auto industry, the Auto Salon starts tomorrow.  Various members of the GSR Team will be talking at some of the events, so by all means come out and see us!

20170112 gsr 1

Here’s a shot from last year’s Race Queen Grand Prize.

First up, Team Manager Ukyo, Driver Taniguchi, and Driver Kataoka will be giving talks at the Yokohama Tire booth.

Jan. 13  @ 4pm  Driver Taniguchi & Driver Orido

Jan. 14 @ 2pm  Team Manager Ukyo

                   4pm  Driver Taniguchi & Driver Orido

Jan. 15 @ 12pm  Team Manager Ukyo, Driver Taniguchi, Driver Kataoka

                    4pm  Driver Taniguchi & Driver Orido

Next up, Driver Kataoka will make an appearance in the Grand Turismo event.

Jan. 14 @ 2pm  GT Sport Exhibition Stage

Our former Miku Supporters will be all over the place, too.

As the A-Class image girl, Tsuttsu will be going back and forth between the stage, the A-Class booth, and the avex booth all day on the 13th.

As Noa-chan is an avex promotion girl, you can probably find her at the avex booth, and Kelal will be standing with the cars at the Project Myu booth.  Suzu-nyan won’t be there, but she will be terribly missed.

And the Race Queen Grand Prize competition that Kelal is competing in will start at 3:30.  There’s no telling how it will turn out until the very end.  You can watch the Niconico Live Webcast here.

Your humble servant Swemy will also be there all day on day one, providing periodic updates.

The Auto Salon is one of the few times you’ll find everyone in the racing industry under the same roof.  Hope to see you there!


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