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Announding Our 5th GSR Cup Photo Contest Winners!


Our 5th GSR Cup Photo Contest entry deadline was yesterday.  We received a lot of entries and a lot of votes, so let me present to you our top 3 photos!

Our GSR Cup Photo Contest 1st-3rd place winners will all receive a special pin-badge prize, so please stand by as we’ll be in touch with you soon (just after returning from the Thailand race).

Just glancing at these makes me remember what fun I had!  Can you believe this is a social photo album!?

>> 5th GSR Cup Photo Contest

We’ll start with 1st place!

20161006 gsr 1

Title: Never forget…

Photographer: Kiro

Great expressions (?) everyone, and nice poses.  What a deep photo – lol.  And everyone’s gathered in front of a Nipako itasha.  As you can see, everyone came back to the GSR Cup despite the mud and rain.  We look forward to seeing you again next time, too!

Next up is 2nd place!

20161006 gsr 2

Title: The blue sky we were waiting for

Photographer: Wagamama Koujouchou

Clear skies!  Cute skirt!  And those thighs poking out!  But it’s hard to tell if the person in that costume is male or female.  On the contrary, the probability that it’s a man is high.  Lucky for all you ladies out there.  This is the GSR Cup.

Last but not least is 3rd place!

20161006 gsr 3

Title: Number One!!

Photographer: Kuropochi

Kuropochi won 1st place with a photo of Kelal last time, and here he is again in 3rd with another photo of Kelal!  As if we’d expect otherwise.  In the back is the Miku AMG as well as the Kelal banner – there’s a lot of GSR going on in that photo.

By the way, we used cycle wear at the Racing Miku Photo Shoot the other day, but when I saw Kelal like this I remembered something… Something confidential.

Congratulations to our 1st-3rd place winners!  We’ll have yet another GSR Cup Photo Contest next time and hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!




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