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Announcing the Winners of our 6th GSR Cup Photo Contest!

Though I said we’d be announcing our winners at a later date, quite a bit of time has passed… but we’re finally announcing our 6th GSR Cup Photo Contest winners!

I mean, tomorrow is the 7th GSR Cup…  We’re really sorry it’s taken this long.

We’ll of course have a photo contest for our 7th GSR Cup as well, so be sure to get in there and take lots of great photos!

Alright, let’s see the images your voted into the top 3!

Our 1st-3rd place winners will receive a special pin badge as their prize, so please stand by as we’ll be contacting you soon.

>> 6th GSR Cup Photo Contest

Alright, let’s start with 1st place!

20170908 gsr 1

Title: Yokai Pedal
Photographer: Kiro

I don’t know how they did it, but Kiro is once again in 1st place. Congratulations! Even though the foreground of the photo is blurred, this photo still leaves a lasting impression – lol!

Next is our 2nd place winner!

20170908 gsr 2

Title: This is super fun
Photographer: takahiro_ch

The way they capture the gripping speeds is incredible! And judging by her face, the photo subject seems to really be enjoying herself! That’s what we mean when we say Goodsmile!

Lastly, here is our 3rd place winner.

20170908 gsr 3

Title: The Kele-chan Bike 2017
Photographer: Kuropochi

This photographer placed recently with another photo of Kelal! But in this photo you can see that he’s upgraded the wheel to feature a 2017 image. This bike would look great racing in the GSR Cup!

Congratulations once again to our 1st-3rd place winners! We look forward to seeing even more photo entries in the future!


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