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Announcing the 2016 Nagoya Photo Contest Winners!


Sorry to keep you all waiting!  It’s time to announce our Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot in Nagoya Photo Contest winners!

Our prizes are going to be a bit different this year.  The GSR Award and Prize (signed race queen parasol) will be the same, but the SNS Award prize will be a Racing Miku 2016 Tapeastry (TeamUKYO Ver.), and the Judge’s Choice Award will be replaced by the Miku Supporter Award, with a GSR Original Camera Strap as the prize.

For this year’s Miku Supporter Award, we’ll have our Racing Miku Supporters directly select their favorite photo.  And the girl selecting will be the one featured on the pin-badge that was given away at the photo shoot!  So for our Nagoya Photo Shoot, Noa will be the judge!  At the Tokyo Photo Shoot, Suzuna will select.

Also, please note again that the SNS Award prize will be the Racing Miku 2016 Tapestry (TeamUKYO Ver,) highly recommended for decorating any interior.

At the Nagoya Photo Shoot, we had all 4 girls in the Wonder Festival tube-top outfit and in yukata, giving you an opportunity to see them in something other than their Race Queen costumes.  We had a lot of entries… but who will be the winners… ?

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First up is our Miku Supporter Award winner, selected by Noa!

20160921 gsr 1

Title: First time in this costume!

Photographer: Shi-chan

Comment from Noa Mizutani: Not only does it have that sort of novice feel, but both purity and beauty!  Like a bright and shiny new car!  lol  I want to make this my wallpaper!!

Noa really likes this photo, doesn’t she.  Congratulations, She-chan!  Your Miku Supporter Award prize, the GSR Original Camera Strap will be sent out shortly!


Next up is the GSR Award, selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki!

20160921 gsr 2

Title: Nadeshiko

Photographer: H.G

Comment from Takanori Aki: I think there are a lot folks out there who have been done in by Noa’s gaze like you see here.  This is really a great photo.

Noa is as photogenic as ever.  So beautiful…  So there you have it, H.G!  Your signed race queen parasol is on its way!


Last but not least is the photo that you all selected by vote, the SNS Award!

20160921 gsr 3

Title: Summer Festival

Photographer: Maichan

This photo perfectly captures Tsuttsu’s innocent and playful nature!  It’s enough to dispel the gloom from any rainy day.  We’ll send Maichan the SNS Award tapestry prize very soon!

Congratulations again to all of our winners!  Please stand by, as I Swemy will be contacting you via email son!

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