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Announcing our 4th GSR Cup Photo Conest Winners!


Right now, while were in the middle of our 5th GSR Cup Photo Contest, it’s time to announce our 4th GSR Cup Photo Contest Winners!  Our apologies for the delay!

The GSR Cup Photo Contest has a 1st-3rd place, but as the 2nd and 3rd place winner were the same person, we’ve raised the bar and will be giving out pin-badge prizes for 1st-4th place!

>> 4th GSR Cup Photo Contest

We’ll start with 1st place!

20160915 gsr 1

Title: The day my wish came true

Photographer: Kuropochi

It looks like he dressed up his bicycle and his wheel foil just for this day.  In this photo by Kuropochi, you can see Kelal’s banner in the background.  So let’s give a round of applause to Kuropochi, who got this photo taken with the real Kelal-chan in front of the Miku AMG!

Now for 2nd place!

20160915 gsr 2

Title: About to overtake

Photographer: @takahiro_ch

There are a lot of ladies that participate in the GSR Cup.  Among them, I uploaded this photo of a team BUKKAKE member who seemed to having a really good time!  Even first-time riders can participate and have a good time at the GSR Cup!

Next is 3rd place.

20160915 gsr 3

Title: Girls be ambitious!

Photographer: @takahiro_ch

This is another photo by @takahiro_ch, and the subject is once again a member of Team BUKKAKE.  The blur in the background really gives you a feel for the speed!  But the subject is in perfect focus.  With so many guys in drag at the GSR Cup, a photo like this is priceless!  lol

Last but not least, 4th place!

20160915 gsr 4

Title: Are You Ready?

Photographer: Factory Foreman

Just as the title implies, this photo captures the calm just before the race as everyone gets ready to take off!  I love this photo, because it really captures the atmosphere of GSR Cup!



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