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Announcing our 2016 Tokyo Photo Shoot (Rd. 2) Photo Contest Winners!


Sorry to keep you all waiting!  It’s time to announce the winners of our Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot in Tokyo (Round 2) Photo Contest!

Last year we had 2 photo shoots in Tokyo, touring the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.  What did you think?  The first photo shoot in particular presented some unique challenges…  But we’re making preparations as we speak to make sure we can do it all again this year.

So let’s take a look at those winning photos!

The second photo shoot in Tokyo had photo sessions with the car as well as with the girls in Santa suits, but looking at the photo entries an overwhelming majority are from the wedding session.  But I get that.  Seeing them dressed like that, you feel like their uncle or something… My eyes are welling up already…

The Tokyo Photo Shoot was full of photos like that!

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First up is our Miku Supporter Award, selected by Tsuttsu!

20179119 gsr 1

Title: I could fall in love with your gaze

Photographer:  Harumaki

Comment from Tsuttsu:  There’s no could falling in love, my heart is already yours!  I’m so grateful someone could take a photo that captures Noa’s beauty!  And to whoever it was that invented the camera!

Her gratitude extends all the way to father of the modern day camera, Lois Daguerre!  (I learned that playing a certain video game recently! lol)  The way she’s gazing into your eyes seems to say, “I’m going to be a bride!” Congratulations, Harumaki!  You’re Miku Supporter Award Prize, the GSR Original Camera Strap will be sent out soon!

Next up is the GSR Award!

20179119 gsr 2

Title:  May your journey from here be filled with love

Photographer: YU→@03

Comment from Team Owner Aki:  Seeing this makes me hope for grandchildren.  If my son could have a bride like this as his wife, I’m sure she’d be leading him around by the nose.

Here it is – the photo selected by Team Owner Aki!  Well… Having a wife like this seems like it would be a challenge.  She’d definitely be calling all of the shots.  But I think I’d be just fine with that.  And the title is quite romantic, no?

YU→@03 will be receiving the signed Race Queen Umbrella very soon!

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the SNS Award winner, selected by all of you!

20179119 gsr 3

Title:  A bell rings softly in my heart

Photographer:  Kureyaji

This is another example of an excellent title.  And Suzu’s downward looking expression is truly great!  Soft focus photos convey a sense of happiness… Which may be why you see them on matchmaking sites all the time!  We’ll be sending out Kureyaji the SNS Award prize, a wall scroll, very soon!

All of our photo contest winners will be contacted by me, Swemy, in the near future so please stand by!

To see a all previous winners and entries, please see the link below!

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