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Announcing Our 2016 Racing Miku Supporters Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest Winners!


Thank you all for your patience!  It’s time to announce our Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot in Tokyo Photo Contest Winners!

Once again, I wanted to remind everyone that the awards and prizes are a bit different than years past.

SNS Award Prize: Racing Miku 2016 Tapestry (TeamUKYO Ver.)

Judge’s Choice Award → Now the Miku Supporter Award, Prize: GSR Original Camera Strap

Nothing stands out more about the Tokyo Photo Shoot than the Yagatabune Boat!  But there was also the cycle wear session, and many other firsts – did you all have fun?

The photo submissions were also a bit different than we usually get.  I’m sure you all had a difficult time selecting which was the best.

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First up is our Miku Supporter Award winner, selected by Suzuna!

20161128 gsr 1

Title: Fuji & Noa

Photographer: Hideking

Suzuna’s Comment: Not only do you have the lanterns and the Fuji TV buildings in the back, but Noa’s smile to top it off!  It really captures the elegance of the moment!  I love it!!!

With the yugatabune boat, the jinbei outfit, and night atmosphere all in one shot, I think “elegance” summarizes this nicely.  Even though Noa’s jinbei looks more like a bathrobe for some reason – lol  Congratulations, Hideking!  Stand by because your Miku Supporter Award GSR Original Camera Strap is on the way!

Next up is the GSR Award winner, selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki!

20161128 gsr 2

Title: Nice work out there

Photographer: Kuropochi

Comment from Team Owner Aki: The core of Kere’s appeal is her “older sister” vibe.  But don’t count on her to help you out.  The way she’s passing you the bottle in a way that’s difficult to grab is perfect.

Kelal does have a lot of that “older sister” vibe going for her recently.  We’d expect no less from our Kereneki.  It seems Team Owner Aki is a fan of this photo as well!  Kuropochi, your signed race queen umbrella is headed your way!

And last but not least, the winner you all selected via vote, the SNS Award winner!

20161128 gsr 3

Title: The end of summer summer came with an autumn breeze

Photographer: Yuichi

It’s the GSR fresh face with a lot of potential – Suzunyan!  Here long legs casually showing in her jinbei makes me imagine a style that’s not quite Japanese.  Yuichi, your SNS Award tapestry prize is on the way!  Why not use it to collect our Miku Supporter’s autographs!?

I, Swemy, will be contacting all of our contest winners soon!

And don’t forget, our last photo contest of the season is coming up this weekend!

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Check out the link below to see a gallery of past winners!

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