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Announcing All-New Photo Contests!


The deadline for the Super GT Round 5 themed photo contest is already here.

With around 90 photos uploaded, I think we had a pretty impressive number of entries.

Maybe I should even feature some of them on the racing blog.  Just looking at the photos really brings back memories of the race.

We’ll be determining the first place winner later today, the results of which will be announced at a later date.

So now that it’s over, it’s time for a new photo contest – no make that contests!  There will be 2 themes running concurrently!

First up is….

Super GT Season First Half

Please upload any work from Rounds 1 – 4.  We apologize, but ask that every person make only one entry.  No matter what round you select your photo from, be sure it’s the best of your best.  We apologize, but no photos other than those from Rounds 1- 4 will be accepted.

>> Season First Half Photo Contest (PC) (Japanese only)
>> Season First Half Photo Contest (Smart Phone) (Japanese only)

And for our second theme, we chose something that everyone can participate in, regardless of whether you can come out to the track.  Entries for this contest will be accepted up until 2 weeks from today!  That’s until Sept. 5!

Entry Submission Deadline:  Sept. 5, 2014

And the theme for this concurrently running contest is none other that…

Nendoroid on Vacation

Though the name of the theme is “Nendoroid,” submissions are limited to Racing Miku only (including the 2009 Year Race Queen Ver.).  So please be sure to upload the photo you took of Racing Miku on vacation, OK!  And though we say on vacation…  any photo in or around your house is perfectly fine.  Have some photos of her at the circuit?  Those are OK, too!  We’re also thinking about having a similar figma contest, but we’ll be kicking off with this Nendoroid theme!

>>  Nendoroid on Vacation Photo Contest (PC) (Japanese Only)
>>  Nendoroid on Vacation Photo Contest (Smart Phone) (Japanese Only)

And you’ll have plenty of time to enter, too – 1 whole month!  We’ll accept entries from today until Sept. 22!

Entry Submission Deadline:  Sept. 22, 2014

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of entries!




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