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How do you like my new English greeting?  How’s it going everyone!?
It’s me, Samurai, back from Australia.

First up, let’s take a look at this new press release.


For the 47th Summer Endurance Suzuka 10 Hours race, held Aug. 24-26 at Suzuka Circuit, Goodsmile Racing and TeamUKYO will be officially recognized by the Mercedes-AMG headquarters in Germany as the “AMG Performance Team.”  The team name will be temporarily changed for this race to the “Mercedes-AMG Team GOOD SMILE.”

In Mercedes-AMG motorsport history, this is the first time that a team from Japan has been recognized at the “AMG Performance Team.”  Upon gaining this recognition, the German headquarters will support the team with specialized engineers, parts, etc.  In addition, the car design will feature last year’s 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamp race design as the base, with the AMG logo emblazoned on the rear wing and trunk, as well as the AMG stripe from the trunk to the roof to signify our special status as the “AMG Performance Team.”

The team line-up will remain unchanged, with Team Owner Takanori Aki, Team Manager Ukyo Katayama, and drivers Nobuteru Taniguchi, Tatsuya Kataoka, and Kamui Kobayashi taking this mid-summer race head-on.

We hope everyone will be cheering us on.


As the person overseeing car design, I took this opportunity to re-evaluate the car wrapping materials, and think it looks even better now!  I hope you’ll head out to the race to see this “indulgently” detailed design that the good people at Noraimo Kobo have reproduced to perfection in every corner and crevice.

And be sure to use the hashtag #gsr10h!

Race:  The 47th Summer Endurance Suzuka 10 Hours

(Fri) Aug. 24, 2018   Official Practice
(Sat) Aug. 25, 2018  Qualifying
(Sun) Aug. 26, 2018  Finals

Place:  Suzuka Circuit

Team Name:  Mercedes-AMG Team GOOD SMILE

Car Number:  00

Car:  Mercedes-AMG GT3

Team Owner: Takanori Aki
Team Manager: Ukyo Katayama
Drivers: Nobuteru Taniguchi, Tatsuya Kataoka, Kamui Kobayashi

20180729 gsr 01

20180729 gsr 02

20180729 gsr 03

20180729 gsr 04

20180729 gsr 05

20180729 gsr 06

20180729 gsr 07

20180729 gsr 08

20180729 gsr 09

20180729 gsr 10

20180729 gsr 11


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