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All the Wonder Festival GSR Booth Info You Need


There’s a lot of information regarding the GSR area at Wonder Festival this weekend, so let’s put it all together in one place.

In case you were wondering, I (Swemy) got left behind… So come out and have a good time with me at the Live Viewing.

>> Wonder Festival GSR Booth

You can see this if you look at the event map, but it’s rather separated from the GSC booth.

20170727 gsr 2

Now on to all the good stuff in the GSR area!

・Limited Edition Stickers (Details here!)
I mentioned this the other day, but they’ll be handed out to all customers making a purchase over 3000JPy at the GSR booth.

・Live Broadcast of Total 24 Hours of SPA Race
From Wonder Festival start to finish, we’ll be streaming the race!  Gather round and cheer on the team!

・Super GT Race Car
She just finished the Sugo race last week – the Goodsmile Hatsune Miku AMG will be on display!  You can even touch it – and perhaps even get a sense of the race!

・New Racing Miku Figures
The all new 2017 version Racing Miku figures will be on display.  Check out these faithful representations of Tony’s original illustration with your own eyes!

・Our Lovely 2017 Racing Miku Supporters
Yes, our race queens, the lovely Racing Miku Supporters will be there.  Cheer along with at the live viewing and/or take their photos!

・A Few SPA Sponsorship Courses on Sale!
The enrollment period has ended for our SPA Sponsorship Courses, but we have a few that were cancelled available for you!  If you weren’t able to sign up, this is your chance!

One Last Thing…

Well… We’ll also be unveiling something for the first time ever at the event hall… But you’ll have to go there for yourself to see it with your own eyes!

As always, look forward for a day packed full of fun at the GSR booth!


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