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All New Stickers from Noraimo!


The very same Noraimo Kobo that provides our Miku AMG car wrapping has just released these all new stickers.

They’re all made-to-order, with orders accepted between:

May 26 – June 1

Check out their line-up below.  You can make your purchase through the Noraimo Online Shop or the Goodsmile Online Shop!  For size measurements and other details, please be sure to check the site!

>> Noraimo Store

Now let’s take a look at at a few of the new stickers they have to offer!

20160526 gsr 2

Poster-Style Indoor Sticker     from 1620JPY

This is a sticker featuring this year’s key visual, but since it’s specifically for indoor use, be sure to put it on your computer, inside your car, or in your house!

20160526 gsr 3

Car Wrap Sticker     from 1620JPY

And here’s the SD version of our key visual, the Nendoroid illustration!  It’s a car-wrap sticker, meaning it’s specifically meant for outdoor use – such as your car.

20160526 gsr 4

Car Wrap Sticker     from 2160JPY

This sticker is also made to last, making it perfect for your car and other outdoor surfaces.  The illustration is none other than the side of our Miku AMG in decal form!  Is she too cute or what!

20160526 gsr 5

Car Wrap Sticker     from 3240JPY

And now there’s a sticker of ther TeamUKYO Pride Ver.!  This sticker is incredibly durable, making it perfect for your bike or car!  A must-have for the upcoming GSR Cup!



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