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All New Merchandise at Magical Mirai!


The Hatune Miku event Magical Mirai starts tomorrow.  So let’s take a look at the merchandise from Caravan that will be available for advanced purchase!  Caravan will be displaying as part of the Cocollabo booth, so take note when you’re looking for it!

After he advanced sale at Magical Mirai, you’ll be able to find them in regular stores next week.  But if you know you’ve got to have them now, be sure to head over to Magical Mirai!

From next week onwards, you’ll be able to make your purchase at the Cocollabo Online Shop!

>> Cocollao (Magical Mirai Items)

20160908 gsr 1

Original Sliding Notebook-Style Smartphone Case


This sliding-design smartphone case comes in sizes S, M, and L, meaning it can store your iPhone, Android, or whatever smart phone you have!  Comes with free smart-phone cleaner!

20160908 gsr 2

Pass Case : 2500JPY

People are abuzz about whether or not the newest iPhones will have NFC or not, but having something like this to store your IC card really is the simplest solution, right!?

20160908 gsr 3

Mobile Battery : 3500JPY

This Super Sonico collaboration is none other than a mobile battery.  Definitely a must-have for all you Pokemon GO players, and if you stream the live broadcast at the race!

20160908 gsr 420160908 gsr 5

Mug Cup : 2000JPY

Super-cute mug cup featuring Racing Miku’s silhouette.  Wouldn’t you love to have your morning coffee with her, no matter what the time of day?

20160908 gsr 6

Soft Clear Case (iPhone 6/6s) : 2500JPY

An iPhone case featuring our latest key visual illustration.  Even though the latest model may have just come out, those 6 and 6s phones still have some life in them!  By all means, please dress them up in this case!

20160908 gsr 7

Notebook-Style Smartphone Case : 3500JPY

Notebook-style smartphone case that can fit both Android and iPhones, featuring Racing Miku.  If you’re one of those people always dropping their phone, this is the armor you need!  It even includes a smartphone cleaner.

20160908 gsr 8

Pass Case : 2500JPY

This Racing Miku pass case is super cute, too – no?  Great for your company ID or credit card, this is really practical.

20160908 gsr 9

Mobile Battery : 3500JPY

A Racing Miku version of the Mobile Battery.  A dead smartphone battery can lead to all kinds of problems, so having one of these in your bag can really save the day!

20160908 gsr 10

Notebook-Style Smartphone Case : 3500JPY

There’s a Team UKYO Fan version of the notebook-style smartphone case, too!  That means there are 3 different kinds, so don’t fret over which is the one and just buy them all.  Especially if you have multiple smartphones!

20160908 gsr 11

Genuine Leather Zipper Pouch : 15000JPY

Black stripe portion is embossed with the Racing Miku logo!  And it’s real leather!  Use in place of a wallet, or whatever suits you best.  The nonchalant logo placement is super chic.




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