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A Message from Tsuttsu!


Following our message from Ayami earlier, this time we’ve got a message from Tsuttsu!  She may be in her teens, but she’s got the guts to stand up to all those ogling old men and show them what she’s got!  In the short year that she’s been here, her fan base has grown significantly~ !

And so without further ado, I bring you this message from Tsuttsu!


Thank you so much for everything this year!   This is the Racing Miku Supporter Tsukasa Arai, otherwise known as “Tsuttsu!”


I was so thrilled to start my race queen career as one of the Racing Miku Supporters!


To be able to participate in the race with such a fun, exciting, and especially fast team, but also to support the team together with all of you Personal Sponsors truly made me happy!


From here on out, I’ll always be cheering on the GSR team!  Thank you so much for the wonderful times we had together.


It may be chilly out there, but no one catch a cold, OK!^^


See ya’ round then!☆ Tee-hee-hee~☆★


20131224 tsuttsu



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