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A Message from Studie Representative Suzuki – Part 1


A very Happy New Year to everyone!

Did you all have a relaxing New Year’s holiday?

It’s your big idiot “Mr. Suzuki, Inc.” here, who announced that he’d be leaving the team last year.  I’ve received special permission to write my final message to you all in the blog today, and I’d like to talk about some of my memories working with the team, as well as the circumstances for my resignation – so bear with me because this may get a little long.

20130109 studie 1

From the very beginning, on our Aug. 23, 2008 debut race at the Suzuka Circuit, no matter how poorly we did (as you all know), there just weren’t a lot of folks out there who knew who Miku was.  And because of it, there were jokes and jeers.  We were treated more as a publicity stunt than a legitimate racing team.

I received 17 or so email complaints from purist BMW fans – not under the guise of some pseudonym, but with their real names – warning me, “Don’t sully the image of BMW any further!”

By the following year in 2009, we had been making visible improvements.  And though our results weren’t all that favorable, I could still feel it – that as the races went by we were gaining the support of more and more fans.  Even when we were counting our ranking in relation to last place, even when we had to retire from the race, fans would call out to us, “You can do better next time!” and “Look how far you’ve come!”  It was very encouraging.

20130109 studie 2

And for all of these people cheering us on, I knew we had to do everything we could to turn the Hatsune Miku GT Project into a winning team!  It was an ambition that grew stronger with each passing day; it was so strong that the memory feels fresh even now.

Among the Personal Sponsors that started coming to the track to cheer us on this year, there are quite a few among them who’ve come to every race ever since.  That’s something that’s truly amazing.

20130109 studie 3

It’s true that at the end of year party I couldn’t hold back my tears.  To the very end, I still feel that in some way I’m betraying everyone.For various reasons, in 2010 the team changed to Porche (it was a long and difficult year for me).And then in 2011, we entered under Studie AG, added Ukyo and Nobu to the team, and finally started feeling like the top-notch team we were when we walked away with the championship!  It was all I had ever wanted!  I was shaken!  I was moved!  And of course I broke into tears!Winning the championship together with all of the team staff and Personal Sponsors is my favorite memory.After that, in 2012 we entered 2 cars and burned a lot of rubber (aheheh).  But in 2013 we aimed to turn that all around and take back the throne with only our top-guns and a single car.  We had everything riding on the final race, but we finished in a regretful 3rd place.  But despite all that regret, after 6 years, the popularity of the Hatsune Miku BMW had done everything but wane – it had come to be a force of nature unto itself!20130109 studie 4To be continued in Part 2…



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