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A Message from Senya!


In this final installment of our “ladies’ message series,” I give you the one amazing Racing Miku Supporter who has been with us for 2 straight years now, the lovely Senna Koukami, otherwise known as Senya!

She’s really laid her whole heart out on the table, so please be sure to cherish every word to the very end!


20131224 senya 1

Hello, all you Personal Sponsors out there!

This is  Senna Koukami, better known as the Racing Miku Supporter “Senya!”

Though I read the GSR Official Blog all the time, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that the day would come when one of my articles would be published here…

That in and of itself brings me happiness beyond measure, but I’m admittedly a bit nervous as I write this… (^_^;)

Well everyone, I know this may be out of the blue and everything, but…

What image comes to mind when you hear the phrase “race queen?”

For me…

I think of someone effortlessly elegant, extremely beautiful and stylish, and for some reason or another… some one who’s sort of hard to approach.

That’s the image that’s always come to my mind.  And even now, as I work as a race queen myself, that image hasn’t changed a bit.

But comparing myself to this image, I’m not really the type to present myself in such grandeur.  Both inside and out, I’m pretty much an average person.

And more than anything, I’ve never been very good at putting my thoughts or feelings into words.

20131224 senya 2

But humble as I am, in 2012 I found something that I truly treasure, and never want to lose – the time I get spend with all of you Personal Sponsors.

And so it was settled…

“I want to audition to be one of the Racing Miku Supporters one more time!!  Maybe I won’t be selected.  And if I don’t pass, I’ll probably feel embarrassed, but nonetheless I want to try!!!  I don’t want to leave all the Personal Sponsors, or anyone else on the team!  I want to spend another year with the people I love!!”

And with this thought in mind, I sobbingly called my manager to beg for the opportunity.

It was probably the first time in my life that I ever tried so passionately for something.

20131224 senya 3

And while embracing that warm memory, looking back on 2013, through each and every race I reminded myself:

“Cherish every second.”

“Though this moment will not last forever, it’s memory can last forever in your heart.  Make sure it’s your memories that last.”

20131224 senya 4

And while I did, I thought to myself,

“Truly, I was born into this world and became a race queen for the sole purpose of making acquaintance with Good Smile Racing, and to share so many good times with the Personal Sponsors.”

Perhaps some of you may be laughing to yourself right now, thinking that I’m exaggerating, but this is how I truly feel.

Because in all my life, this is the most valuable treasure I have ever found, and I cherish it with all my heart.

20131224 senya 5

I heard once that,

“You’ll meet approximately 300,000 people in your lifetime.  But of those, you’ll only become close with around 300.  Even if you were to be reincarnated, you would have to come back 230,000 times to meet all the people in the world.  Even if you were to meet one new person every second, it would take over 200 years.”

And when I think about it that way, the meeting of every person is a marvel in itself.

So of course, I think that meeting all you Personal Sponsors, and meeting the GSR team are also nothing short of miracles.

20131224 senya 6

At the GSR Year-End party on 12/23, I enjoyed spending time with this collection of miracles with all of my heart.

If you see me, be sure to always show me smiling face!

Thank you for always supporting me!!

I love all of you……☆彡

Senna Koukami

Racing Miku Supporter



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