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A Message from Ayami!


It’s been about 6 years since Ayami got involved with the GSR project.

She recently announced that she’ll be retiring from the company to start her all-new married life (it’s pretty common for women to quit their job before getting married in Japan!), but she also sent us a wonderful and encouraging thank you message that I’d like to share with you all.

We’ll miss you, Ayami~  (ToT)/


Hello, everyone!  This is Ayami.


Thank you again for your generous support during the 2013 Season!


20131224 ayami 1


Having the honor to work here with Miku-Chan, as well as the honor to graduate from my work here and move on to the next thing brings me nothing but happiness.


But even though I may have graduated, I’ll never stop cheering you on!


And I’ll never forget all of the memories we made together at yesterday’s End of Year Party! ☆


I look forward to the time when we bump into each other again!


20131224 ayami 2

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