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A Big Thanks for Coming to the GSR Cup & Photo Contest Info


A big thank you to everyone who came out to Mobara Twin Ring Circuit yesterday!

We managed to pull off our 6th GSR Cup without a hitch.  I’m sure you made many fond memories at the event, so let’s get straight to our photo contest!

>> 6th GSR Cup Photo Contest

You’ll have one month from today, until May 24, so we look forward to seeing all of your photos!

In the mean time, let’s take a look back at some of the photos I captured as well as the GSR Cup.

20170424 gsr 1     20170424 gsr 2

We had a lot of people participating this time, too.  The event was once again held at Mobara, and unlike Sodagaura you can see all the courses in a single view.  Doesn’t that make everyone want to cheer a little louder?

20170424 gsr 3     20170424 gsr 4

There were no major accidents (though a few minor ones), so everyone completing the races free of bodily harm was a bit relieving.

20170424 gsr 5   20170424 gsr 6

Exactly how many bikes were out there, anyway?

20170424 gsr 7     20170424 gsr 8

20170424 gsr 9     20170424 gsr 10

And our lovely Racing Miku Supporters were there to class up the track.  As before, they once again participated in the race opening, checkered flag finishes, water spray-down, and photo-shoot.

20170424 gsr 11     20170424 gsr 12

20170424 gsr 13     20170424 gsr 14

At the GSR Cup, in addition to anime cycle wear, you can also come in cosplay to meet regulations.  And this time too we had some very unique costumed participants.  Here Warsman (from Kinnikuman) has me in his Pro Special – lol.

20170424 gsr 15

Re:animation produced anime song DJs joined us once again to keep the party going!  Among one of their more popular spectacles was the “Yowamushi System.”  It gets broken by some cyclist or another every time, but this time around it was reinforced with money raised via crowd funding.  Though the system itself remained in tact, the bicycle was somehow broken… (I missed this moment.)

20170424 gsr 16     20170424 gsr 17

The secretly popular BBQ corner.  There are some who race just for the BBQ!  And the shrine ever popular at the circuit was present in a big way!  Here you can see the Miku Supporters, who have become a part of the display.

20170424 gsr 18

A much better group photo will be posted on the GSR Cup Official Site!  We sure had a blast!  The next GSR Cup will be

(Sat) Sept. 9 at Sodegaura Forrest Race Way!

We look forward to seeing you all again!  Great job out there yesterday!




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