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6th GSR Cup


The GSR Cup is our own special event celebrating bicycles and anime cycle-wear.  It’s held twice a year, in both the spring and autumn – and now that I think about it this next time is going to be our 6th GSR Cup.

20161219 gsr 1

In addition to bicycles, we’ve got all you can eat food, all you can hear anime-song DJ sets, all you can take Racing Miku Supporter Photos, all you can see real race cars, all the water you want our Racing Miku Supporters to throw on you, as many pool visits as you’d like, the freedom to BBQ as much as you’d like, buy as much merchandise as you’d like, and all around have a super awesome time.

20161219 gsr 2

20161219 gsr 3

20161219 gsr 4

20161219 gsr 5

Our 6th GSR Cup will be held at the Mobara Twin Ring Circuit, and along with all our various side shows, we’ll have a 7 hour endurance race, as well as many other regulation and celebration races.

Our first sign-up period will start

Dec. 22

so take a look at the site below, and stand by until reception opens.

>> 6th GSR Cup

20161219 gsr 6



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