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2018 Super GT: Round 4 – Thailand Chan International Circuit Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

It’s time to announce our Super GT Round 4 Thailand Chan International Circuit Photo Contest winners.

This year, the entry voted into 1st place as well as a “GSR Award” entry selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki will be taking the victory stand at each race.

We’ll start with this race’s GRS Award winner!

And the winner is..
Nonno’s “I’m #1!”
Comment from Nonno: In the last stretch of the Course Walk, everyone started running for some reason.
As you may have guessed, this photo was taken at the race during the final stages of the Course Walk and features everyone as they took off running.


Comment from Team Owner Aki: The traditional Thai blistering heat Circuit Walk.  At the last bit we turn it into a competition.  It’s unusual for Kawano to join in the race.  The off-center framing really brings out the atmosphere.”

It’s rare for Chief Engineer Kawano to be pressured into running.

Nonno, you’re pin badge of honor and bean-bag cushion will be in the mail shortly.

Next up, our winner with the most votes is
kengo’s “Racing on the track!”

20180920 gsr 2

kengo’s comment: The company president, team manager, a driver, and a race queen all running in unison is a quite a sight to see.

In other words, this was before the competition.  Though it turned into a race at the end.

kengo, your pin badge of honor is on the way!

And everyone who submitted an entry into our contest will each be receiving an email soon containing their GSR Point Code soon, so please be on the lookout.

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