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2018 Super GT: Round 1 Okayama – Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

Here are the winners of our recent Super GT: Round 1 Okayama International Circuit Race Photo Contest.

This year we’ll be honoring both the winner of the most votes as well as an entry selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki  (the GSR Award) for each race.

We’ll start with the GSR Award winner!  (An image you may have already seen on the blog thumbnail…)

The entry selected for the GSR Award is..

hoku’s “This year’s battle starts here”!

Comment from hoku:  The Miku AMG as she enters the formation lap.  This is a moment brimming with excitement every time.

20180509 gsr 1

Comment from Mr. Aki:

Fixing your gaze at the moment a race starts, focusing on nothing but your own team.  Yes!  Yes!!  This is exactly what that looks like.  Talk about a great photo!

Our lucky winner will receive an honorary Pin Badge, as well as a bean-bag cushion.


And our 1st place winner with the most votes is…

Igarashi’s “Eat my dust!  Miku is gaining the lead!”

Comment from Igarashi:  The Miku AMG started in role 15 from the qualifying, but I took this picture right as she passes another car – I imagine she’s sticking out her tongue.  The moments where she gains the lead are pretty exciting this year. (・ω<)

20180509 gsr 2

Igarashi will also be receiving an Honorary Pin Badge.

And don’t forget that all of our entrants will each be receiving a GSR Point Code via email.  Stand by, as our offices will be contacting you soon.

We’re in the midst of our Round 2 Fuji Speedway Race Photo Contest as we speak, so be sure to enter your photos and vote for your favorites!


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