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2017 Miku Supporter Photo Shoot in Tokyo (Part 1) – Photo Contest!


A big thank you to everyone who came out to our Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot on Sunday!  The first session was unfortunately held indoors, so even though it was hard on your socks, we’re grateful to everyone who showed up!

Well, it’s that time again – time for our Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest!  Check out the link below to enter.

Photos from all 4 sessions as well as the Fan Meeting are welcome.

We’re allowing a total of 4 entries per person (1 from each session)!  The deadline for submission is July 21!  Also, please feel free to upload your photos to your blog or Twitter.  For Twitter, please use the hash tag #fightgsr.  But be sure to enter them in the photo contest before you do!

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (PC)

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (Smart Phone)

Session 1 was yukata.

20170628 gsr 1

Session 2 was the steadfast race queen costume.  And they’re looking right at your, too – which you rarely get at the circuit.  Just one of the many photo shoot benefits.

20170628 gsr 2

Round 3 was a selection from their personal wardrobe.  Kelal was a “sexy mackerel” (by way of Ayami).

20170628 gsr 3

And for our final 4th session, the seaside style.  As there’s not a particular set seaside style, they’ve all dressed it up their own way.

20170628 gsr 4

Well, there you have it!  We look forward to seeing all the photos you took!


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