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2016 Miku Supporters Photo Shoot in Osaka – Photo Contest Winners!


Today we’ll be announcing our Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot in Osaka Photo Contest winners!

The bright and sunny autumn day outdoor session in Osaka was truly great.  And we also got to enjoy the seeing the girls in their Halloween costumes.  Speaking of Halloween, a certain person from Thailand also made a special appearance…

Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful photos with us!

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Alright then!  This time we’ll be starting things off with the Miku Supporter Award winner selected by Kelal!

20161201 gsr 1

Title:  Blown by the autumn breeze

Photographer:  Makku

Comment from Kelal Yamamura:  The beautiful and sophisticated expression on Tsuttsu really stands out.  And I like the way she’s looking outside of the shot.  It looks just like you’re walking side by side with this beautiful woman in the autumn breeze!  Which is why I’ve selected this photo.

The outdoor session in Osaka was on a beautiful autumn day.  The way her line of sight goes outside the shot is so artistic!  Congratulations, Makku!  Your Miku Supporter Award GSR Original Camera Strap prize will be on it’s way soon!

Next up is the GSR Award, selected by Team Owner Aki!

20161201 gsr 2

Title: Princess 22

Photographer: O-Ishan

Comment from Team Owner Aki:  This is no ordinary princess.  That comes across perfectly in this photo.  She may be acting cute, but you know she won’t do anything anyone says.  And that’s perfect, too.

The world’s greatest princess – that’s out Tsuttsu.  I’d love to have this exotic princess sing “A Whole New World” as I took her photo.  We’ll be sending O-Ishan a signed race queen umbrella!

Last but not least, here’s the SNS Award winner everyone voted on!

20161201 gsr 3

Title:  Tarley Quinn (& Sueko)

Photographer: Java@Noa-ota

I’m sorry!  I’m really sorry, everyone!  I’m really sorry that this photo goes so well with Noa-chan’s costume – lol  Java’s SNS Award prize, the tapestry will be sent off shortly!

I, Swemy, will be contacting all of our contest winners via email very soon so please stand by!

Next weekend will be the last one!  I’m talking about the Miku Supporter Photo Shoot!  The only time you’ll be ever be able to photograph the 2016 Super GT Round 8 3rd place winning Miku AMG is here with GSR!

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