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2014 Official Entry Announcement


Hey everybody!  With nothing but shocking news at the Year End party the other day, I hope you’re not all burned out! lol

But before the End of Year party, there was actually a press conference for our official entry announcement.  Thanks to all the writers for heading our request to wait until we’d made the announcement on our live broadcast before publishing their articles!  It was amazing, everyone kept their promise.  And thanks to them we were able to surprise everyone at the event and watching the live Niconico broadcast!

We’ll be fighting with the line up below in 2014!  I’ll also give you a bit of a peek at what the press conference was like!  In other news, it’s also been decided that Swemy will be continuing on as official publicist!  lol


Entrant Name:  GSR & TeamUKYO

Team Owner:  Takanori Aki

Team Manager:  Ukyo Katayama

Crew Chief:  Itsuo Ohashi

Driver:  Nobuteru Taniguchi, Tatsuya Kataoka

Maintenance:  RS Fine (Representative: Takao Kouno)

Illustrator:  Oguchi

Art Director:  Shigeto Koyama

Car Mechanical Design: Shouji Kawamori


[Entrant Vehicle Specs]

Car Name: GSR Hatsune Miku BMW

Make/Model:  BMW Motorsport Z4 GT3 MY14

Tires: Yokohama


Our manager is once again the worldly Mr. Ukyo!

20131225 2014 1

Fast and steady, drivers Tahiguchi and Kataoka will also continue!

20131225 2014 2      20131225 2014 3

We hope you’ll all be cheering us on in 2014!

20131225 2014 4


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