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2013 Reflections: Round 1 – Okayama


In this installment of the 2013 Reflection series, we’re looking back at the very first race of the season.

Here we are, in Mimasaka City at the Okayama International Circuit.  Famous persons hailing from this city include the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto and Shorinji Kenpo founder Doshin So.  Some of you may be more familiar with Doshin So as the basis for the character Zyaku Kaioh in the series Baki the Grappler – lol.

And so, in this city renowned for its world class warriors, Mimasaka sets the stage for yet another type of battle, fought fair and square in the Okayama International Circuit.   Swords and fists have been exchanged for steering wheels, but legendary battles are still in the making.

In the past, it was known as the TI Circuit Aida, and there are sill many people who call it by that name today.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking back here, but the very first race of this year’s season was held at the Okayama International Circuit.

Here are the two you all know and love – the drivers of the Miku Z4!

20131210 okayama 1

It was also the debut for our Racing Miku Supporter’s 2013 costume!

20131210 okayama 2

Initially, I took another group shot like this.  But as the winds were strong that day, everyone’s hair was a total mess – lol.

20131210 okayama 3

As with every series race, everyone worries about the preliminaries as much as they do about poor weather.

20131210 okayama 4      20131210 okayama 5

But as we’ve got two men who stand hard against all elements, we got role 6 on the starting grid.

And like magic, the weather was perfect for the day of the finals.

20131210 okayama 6      20131210 okayama 7

We may not have been able to surpass the impressive speeds of the #11 Gainer SLS in 1st place, but to make our debut at 2nd place on the victory stand – what a start!  Our “pit strategy” has been a good friend from the very start, but it became even more popular after this first race!

20131210 okayama 8


As for the Okayama Interntaional Circuit itself, I know there are a lot of you who have never made it out there, but one if its key features is that spectators can get quite close to the track, making it a favorite track for race photographers.  You can get amazingly detailed shots even without the aid of a telescopic lens!

Be sure to come out and try it for yourself next year!


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