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2013 Reflections: Okayama Test Run


In this second installment of our 2013 Reflections series, let’s take a look at the GT test run!

That’s right – we’re not even into the series yet!

Held at the Okayama International Circuit from March 13-17, as this test run was open to the public just like the races, there were quite a few racing fans out there to represent!

20131206 okakama 1      20131206 okakama 2

As it was the first time to take the new paint job out for a spin on the track, we were turning a lot of heads.

From Germany, we had engineer Burgin (favorite cup noodle flavore: curry) there to go down the test check-list menu one by one.

20131206 okakama 3

He looks pretty intimidating when he’s in the middle of a job, but is actually very nice and friendly.

So…  How did the test results turn out?

20131206 okakama 4      20131206 okakama 5

・Lap 1:  1’28.571(29/51LAP GT300 Class 3rd)

・Lap 2: 1’28.678(36/67LAP GT300 Class 1st)

・Lap 3:  1’28.531(41/47LAP GT300 Class 4th)

・Lap 4:  1’29.054(17/71LAP GT300 Class 4th)

Not too shabby!

After that, we traded drivers, and took the car in and out of the pit over and over again for machine checks just to make sure everything was right.

20131206 okakama 6

The unusual gear ratio for the 2013 ver. was a hot topic that day.  That would be because this year’s design didn’t have a transaxle.

20131206 okakama 7

The overall run during the 2 days of testing left us with a pretty good feeling, and that the opening race held a lot of promise.



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