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2013 Reflections: Announcement Day


When races are in the off-season, there’s still a lot of movement going on beneath the water – we enter the so-called “hot stove league” of contract signings and trades.

Of course, even though our team may be working pretty hard, we’ve got to keep a tight lid on what’s going on.

Since we’ll keep the talk of next year until next year, why don’t we take a look back at this past season!?  It seems like the announcement event was ancient history.  So why not – let’s start it off from there!
All the members of the team were there in rare form – wearing suits!  This is probably the only day all year you’ll get to see them all dress up like this.

20131204 annoucement 1      20131204 annoucement 2

OMG – Senya is crying already! lol

After that, all 3 Racing Miku Supporters unveiled the car!  Just like a motor show!

20131204 annoucement 3

Here is it – the debut of the 2013 paint job!

20131204 annoucement 4       20131204 annoucement 5

And then the 3rd man participating in this year’s Suzaku Race was announced – Driver Jorg Muller!

20131204 annoucement 6

Jorg’s description of the car as “crazy looking” was an instant winner and has become a legendary part of GSR standard language! lol  As a tried and true BMW Works driver, Jorg really showed us his stuff out there on the Suzaku track, didn’t he!

That was the day we started accepting applications for the Personal Sponsor Basic Course as well!  The domestic Basic Course sold out there, too!

20131204 annoucement 7

Here’s a group shot – we were all looking forward to the season ahead!

20131204 annoucement 8

After the official Announcement Event was over, we moved to a different room for Q&A.  You don’t get to see this kind of thing everyday – this is a pretty rare shot.

20131204 annoucement 9

Since we’re talking about something that happened 10 months ago, would you believe that the next Wonder Festival is in only 3 months!  What will it be like next year!?



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