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2013 End of Year Party!


Hey, everyone!  Thanks for all of your hard work!

The JAF Race may not be over yet, but we’ve still got something important to talk about.  The 2013 GSR End of Year Party is scheduled for Dec. 23 (a Japanese National Holiday)!

Last year we held an end of year party exclusively for Personal Sponsor members, but this year…

Everyone is Welcome!

Every year we usually invite all Personal Sponsors to an end of year party to thank them for their support and celebrate our year of hard work.  But this year, we’d like to invite even those who are not Personal Sponsors to join in on the fun and see just what kind of team we are here are GSR!

The party’s just about to get started, so let’s raise the roof!

The application site will soon be up and running, so please sign up if you’d like to join. (Japanese Only)

And as it’s a national holiday, we’re hoping for a really big turn out!

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