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10H Yukata Photos: Modeled by Tsuttsu

Hey, everyone.

We’re accepting applications now for the 10H Yukata Replica Personal Sponsorship Course.

So we asked our lovely Racing Miku Supporter 2018 Tsukasa Arai (Tsuttsu) to try on the yukata for us, and had photographer Orihara take some photos.

20180618 gsr 1

This yukata is based off of the yukata featured in Tony’s original illustration provided from the Suzuka 10 Hours Endurance Race (aka 10H). It was produced in collaboration with popular yukata maker Washin’s Yukataya hiyori.
Entry period ends (Wed) June 20 at 12pm JST.


20180618 gsr 2

(Yukata Size)
● Ladies
-Free Size-
Body Length: 163cm
Sleeve Length: 49cm
Shoulder Length: 67cm
For Heights: 153 – 170cm

Body Length: 140cm
Sleeve Length: 35cm
Shoulder Length: 67cm
For Heights: 160 – 170cm

Body Length: 145cm
Sleeve Length: 40cm
Shoulder Length: 70cm
For Heights: 170 – 180cm

Body Length: 150cm
Sleeve Length: 40cm
Shoulder Length: 72cm
For Heights: 180 – 185cm

Body Length: 155cm
Sleeve Length: 45cm
Shoulder Length: 72cm
For Heights: 185 – 190cm

Yukata: 100% polyester
Obi: 100% silk (front), 100% polyester (back)

(Obi Specifications)
Ladies: Hanhaba Obi 17cm x 4m
Mens: Mens Obi 10cm x 4m (for all sizes)

(Care Instructions)
Machine wash on delicate cycle or gently hand wash.
As blue material bleeds and transfers color easily, be sure to wash separately.
*Washing in water no hotter than 30C, and using a laundry net and/or delicate cycle when using a washing machine are recommended.

・Shoes and fan shown in images are not included.
・Though the men’s yukata is available in many sizes, please note that you cannot change preferred size after ordering.
・As this is clothing, please note that fit will vary per person.

20180618 gsr 3

20180618 gsr 4

20180618 gsr 5

20180618 gsr 6

20180618 gsr 7


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